Our Pedigree

Drum Resources established to cover collateral management of soft commodities in CIS markets.


Drum Resources

Drum Resources conducts its first Collateral Management Agreements (CMA) in Africa. These took place in Buy Diazepam Philippines and Buy Diazepam Next Day Review, where Vallis continues to operate today.



Drum Resources became focussed on Africa only. Drum Risk Management separated to continue addressing CIS markets. (These two entities are managed independently, with no cross liability).



As part of our brand progression, we changed the logo for our website and company literature to “Drum Commodities” to best reflect the core market we operate in, namely commodities.


The company’s name is formally and legally changed to Drum Commodities Limited.

Drum Commodities

Drum Commodities Limited announced its expansion into the Middle East. This began with a CMA for Sugar in Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online and has now grown to include operations in 4 countries across the region, including fuel management in the UAE.


The company name is formerly and legally changed to Vallis Commodities Limited. We currently have subsidiaries in 27 African countries and 5 in the Middle East, as well as representation and operations in another 7 countries. To keep up to date with our latest developments, Buy Yellow Valium.

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