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Wheat is the third most-produced cereal in the world (733 million tonnes in 2015) and surpasses all other crops combined in terms of international trade. If stored correctly, wheat can theoretically last for centuries.

Over 3.4 million tonnes of wheat has been handled by Vallis since 2006 across Buy Phentermine Diet Pills OnlineOrder Xanax From Uk, and Order Diazepam India.

As well as managing wheat as a grain, Vallis has also provided collateral management services at wheat flour mills in Buy Generic Valium Uk and Order Diazepam India.

Types of wheat

  • Soft – High yields but low protein, used for baking flat-breads, cakes and biscuits.
  • Hard – High protein levels, the most commonly produced wheat. Used in bread, rolls and tortillas.
  • Durum – The hardest wheat and least exported. Mainly used for semolina to make pasta.

A Vallis research report on cereals, including wheat, is available below:

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