Marine and Cargo Services

Vallis Commodities offers a range of independent and proven Marine and Cargo Services to commodity buyers and sellers across Africa and the Middle East. These services include:

  • Vessel Discharge Supervision:
    • Vessel hatch and hold inspections.
    • Independent live reporting during discharge.
    • Stoppage records and statement of facts.
    • Damage assessments.
  • Vessel Loading Supervision
    • Loading compartment cleanliness inspections.
    • Independent live reporting during cargo loading.
    • Stoppage records and statement of facts.
    • Damage assessments.
  • Cargo Tally Verification:
    • Tally of stock into and out of storage facilities.
    • Live reporting on the truck loading and discharge
  • Cargo Monitoring:
    • Tally of stock through the bagging process.
    • Bag weight verification using independent scales.
    • Quality control of bag stitching.
  • Sampling and Analysis:
    • Sampling conducted in accordance with GAFTA standards or ISO 16433.
    • Samples stored for minimum of 3 months.
    • Samples can be sent to a qualified laboratory for chemical analysis.


Benefits and Strengths

  • An established presence in all major ports across Africa and the Middle East and a strong culture of providing independent information.
  • Dedicated and skilled port-services teams for our Marine and Cargo services.
  • Real-time reporting in line with local operational practices, supported by tried and tested procedures and reporting expedited from the UK.
  • Your eyes and ears on the ground.